About Handy Pools Pty Ltd

Having a pool in the backyard is a dream for every homeowner. However, making this dream a reality is not always easy. For starters, buying quality pool equipment can prove a big challenge, especially if you don’t get a reliable pool equipment supplier. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because at Handy Pools, you can get State of the Art equipment at very competitive prices. Handy Pools has been a leader in pool equipment supply in the Sydney area for many years, offering equipment such as swimming pool pumps, swimming pool gas heaters, pool filters, pool cleaners and so much more.

Whether you are looking to maintain your pool, replace your broken filters and heaters or simply clean up the pool, Handy Pools offers a wide range of solutions to help you out. The company serves the entire Sydney area. Having a clean and safe pool for your family doesn’t have to be a problem. With requesting pool cleaning services and pool equipment from Handy Pools, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Handy Pools is committed to offering the best possible service to clients. We have a mission to not only keep your pool clean, but we also pledge to make it healthy, and incredibly safe for use. Our tasks involve cleaning and pool maintenance, ensuring that you get a perfectly safe pool environment all year round.

In addition to supplying all kinds of pool equipment, we install them to utmost perfection. We also repair and maintain all sorts of pools in Sydney. Presently, we offer unparalleled pool servicing and maintenance in the lower north shore, inner west, as well as upper north shore and all over northern beaches.

Our core mission is seeing your pool sparkling, and we have skilled and adept professionals to make it seamlessly crystal clear. We would like to take care your entire pool needs in Sydney—allowing you and your family to have a safe and serene swimming environment. We are absolutely the right company that will take all the hassles away. Give us the opportunity to free up your weekend, so that you can enjoy the extra time for leisure and recreation. Contact us on 1300 546 131 anytime for a FREE quote.

Is your swimming pool full of skim leaves, debris and dirt? Do you have issues with poor water circulation that expose your pool to algae, bacteria, and dirt? Then get in touch with Handy Pools. Located in Sydney, we have an outstanding reputation for keeping your pool sparkling clean and making sure that it is healthy for everyone to use. Handy Pools is ready and able to provide services that include:

  • Supply and installation of pool equipment;
  • Ensuring that the pool equipment is repaired and in good working condition;
  • Ensuring the pool is clean at all times;
  • The performance of water tests in the pool to determine the right water chemistry and add the correct amount of chemicals,
  • Delivery of pool chemicals,
  • Providing swimming pool audit services,

How to get in touch with Handy Pools Pty Ltd
You can call 1300 546 131 , or email us at info@handypools.com.au to get a quote or book an appointment.