Swimming Pool Equipment & Services

What you can get from Handy Pools Pty Ltd

Swimming Pool Cleaners
There are many automatic pool cleaners on the market however there are only two different types. Pool pressure cleaners and pool suction cleaners. Pressure cleaners are driven by using a proportion of the water returning to the pool after the pump and filter. This water moves through a different pipeline and a booster pump is used to increase the flow of water to drive the pressure cleaner. The cleaning unit has jets that moves leaves, dirt and debris into a bag on the back on the cleaning unit. Brands like Polaris and Jetvac are the leaders in the market. Suction cleaners work by the cleaner being attached to a lead hose and the skimmer box via a vacuum plate. Suction cleaners are driven by the flow of water created by the pool pump & pool filter.

We supply, install and repair all types of pool chlorinators. Salt water chlorinators and automatic self-testing liquid chlorine chlorinators. At Handy Pools we understand that not all pools are the same so we recommend the best pool sanitizing system for your pool. After the correct installation from one of our Pool Technicians, you’ll be swimming care free in no time.

Swimming Pool Pumps & Filters
We supply install & repair all kinds of pumps and filters. When recommending a new pump or filter we study the swimming pools pipe-work and existing equipment before recommending the brand, power and the make of the equipment.There are many pool pumps with a wide range of horse power to run the pump and drive the water through the filter and back to the pool. Energy efficient pool pumps are now on the market and can save up to 70% on your energy bill for the pool pump.
It is the same with pool filters there are many brands and there are three different types. These types are sand filters, diatomaceous earth (DE) and cartridge. By choosing the right pump & filter for your pool, your system will run perfectly, keep your costs down and having your pool looking crystal clear.

Pool lights
Is your pool light not working or the pool light globe is out? We install, repair and change globes on all pool lights. Did you know that to change the light globe in your pool light the water level does not need to be dropped. We repair all brands of lights including spa electric, aquaquip, poolrite, bellson electric and strobe.

Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs
Our trained pool maintenance team will check your pool equipment and take record of any repairs and maintenance required, supplying you with a quote first.We supply parts and carry out quality repairs to all pool equipment including:

  • Swimming Pool Pumps
  • Swimming Pool Filters
  • Chlorinators
  • Plumbing
  • Cleaners
  • Solar and electrical heaters
  • Pool covers and accessories