What Handy Pools Pty Ltd can do for you

Regular Pool Cleaning
Our regular pool car service lets you choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits where we will:

  • Scoop leaves from water surface
  • Vacuum pool floor
  • Brush waterline tiles
  • Empty cleaner, skimmer and pump baskets
  • Test water for chlorine, pH, alkalinity levels
  • Conduct other tests as required
  • Adjust water level
  • Backwash filter / clean cartridge filter
  • Clean salt chlorinators and injection points for liquid chlorinatiors
  • Check equipment to ensure it works correctly
  • Supply chemicals and balance the pool accordingly

One – Off Pool Cleans
If you require a one-off pool clean for any reason, we can handle it absolutley no problem! Our One-Off pool cleans involve the same tasks as our regular pool cleaning, however we will charge at a hourly rate instead of our fixed regular service prices.

Test & Balance Service
Do you enjoy looking after your pool or have a cleaner that runs effectively?
Why not take advantage of our Test and Balance Service from $40.00. One of our trained pool technicians will perform a series of tests on your pools water chemistry, provide results and add the right amounts of chemicals to ensure your pool is healthy and keeps sparkling. We can also deliver the pool chemicals at the same time.

Green Pool Recovery
Has your pool gone green? Don’t waste your time taking weeks cleaning trying to get a result. Why not get us to recover your green pool. We have the technical advice and ability to return your pool to crystal clear in a couple of days. With our on-going professional pool maintenance we will stop your pool going green again.

Pool Chemical Delivery
If you enjoy pool cleaning or don’t have time to go to the pool shop yourself, why not take advantage of our pool chemical delivery service. Stop the hassle and worry about handling the dangerous chemicals. There is NO delivery fee and our chemical prices are the same as the pool shops’. Have your pool chemicals delivered right to your poolside. We’ll even pur the liquid chlorine into the chlorine dispenser drum. Why not include our Test and Balance Service to ensure clean and safe beautiful swimming throughout the year.

Swimming Pool Audit
Whether you’re buying or selling a house with a swimming pool or are just interested in how your pool is going, Call Handy Pools on 0417 776 151 to arrange a time for us to come by and audit your pool.

How else can we help you?

Energy Saving Tips – Energy Efficient Pools

Energy Efficient Pumps
With today’s ever increasing price of energy, a great way of reducing your energy bill is by upgrading your existing pool pump to a variable speed energy efficient pool pump. By installing a new energy efficient pool pump you can save up to 70% on your electricity costs and with your pool pump being the 3rd biggest energy consumer in your house, that is definitely worth looking into. Call Handy Pools on 1300 546 131 today and we will provide you with a professional recommendation for an energy efficient pump for your pool.

Off peak electricity is a great way to save money on your electricity bill. If you have a smart meter connected to your electrical meter you’re ready to go. Once you have a smart meter, the operational time for your pool equipment can change to off-peak and/or shoulder time and can save you up to $250 a year on your energy bill. Other energy saving tips include the length of time that your pool equipment is running each day and if you have the right size filter for your pool. If you would like us to come out to audit your pool for energy efficiency call us today to book an appointment.